So this is scary…my very first blog post! Just a quick one to get me started…!

Now obviously my website is very much work in progress…. I have lots of ideas for my blog but wanted to start by talking about a fabulous new brand that I have recently had the pleasure of meeting.

Hermosa London are an amazing new company run by two sisters. Clair is actually local to me and we have mutual friends which meant we chatted for hours! No surprise there really!! Clair and Shelley are busy working mums with 6 children between them and they were looking to provide new and multipurpose accessories for our busy lives.  The first product they have launched is the Hermosa All Rounder. I love it….It is a medium sized extremely lightweight tote bag that can be used for the gym, the beach, as a baby bag or for me a throw it all in bag!

I actually do have a slight handbag addiction so I was delighted when Clair asked me to try both the khaki and red because as you can probably see from my Instagram I have a great love for red!



Hermosa All Rounder in Red


Hermosa All Rounder in Khaki

Hermosa All Rounder in Black


I have used both bags this week and have to say that I have been really impressed. It is really lovely to have such a versatile bag and it will most definitely be coming on holiday with me!

If its good enough for the style queen that is Fearne Cotton then it is good enough for me!

Thank you so much for reading