Firstly I would like you guys to know that I often get offers of products to try but I only take on products that I like, love or would use in my every day life. …Every week (usually on a Monday) I start my health regime again. Promising myself and my family that I will eat clean, not touch another bar of chocolate or drink the odd glass of rose in the evening. When I was asked to try this beauty drink it really appealed to me… I have made my own juices and smoothies in the past along with years of exercising.  Grabbing something ready to go from the fridge seemed like a fab idea!   I am writing after trying two different drinks over the past two weeks and so far the results are really positive and most of all they taste great..

Beauty and Go is a collaboration between two Spanish companies that have a well established international presence and a clear strategy of investing in research, innovation and new technology. Recently featured in Elle, Vogue and Women’s Health magazines they use science to empower nature and deliver what your skin needs from the inside out. They say beauty comes from within and I really believe that.

Beauty and Go collagen beauty drinks are packed with a selection of bioactive ingredients aimed at keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Their skin-loving ingredients are designed to protect cells against oxidative stress, stimulate skin regeneration and contribute to maximum firmness and elasticity.

There are four different drinks Skin Revive, Skin Brilliance, Skin Vitality, Skin Detox with a limited edition Summer Skin.  Each are available in 7, 30 or 60 day treatments. For best results drink one bottle a day, I drank mine first thing in the morning…
 The facts:
  • 50% of your daily vitamins & minerals
  • Less than 80 calories per bottle
  • 74% of volunteers felt a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their skin
  • No added refined sugar, sweetened with stevia leaf
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
Skin Detox
This was the first of the two drinks I tried…..Ingredients include: Apple, artichoke, collagen peptides, pineapple, zinc, spirulina with vitamins C and B6 to cleanse and purify the skin. Perfect after days of excess partying (obviously not me!!) , drinking, unhealthy eating or just because….
The taste is lovely, very refreshing and it was actually a firm favourite of my 16 year old son! Over the past two weeks I have honestly noticed a difference in my skin. It looks and feels brighter and healthier. I am not a beauty expert and would never pretend to be. I feel good and my skin looks great so I am really pleased with the result..
Summer Skin

The ‘orange’  drink …Ingredients include: water, pressed fruit juices  (apple, grape, mango, lychee and lemon), carrot purée  aloe vera pulp, orange fibre, camomile, green tea, F&V MacroAntioxidants® from the peel of orange, sweetener of natural origin from the stevia leaf  citrulline, collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol (natural grape fruit extract), vitamins A, B6, B12, C y E, pantothenic acid, niacin, zinc salt, natural favours.

It fights damage caused through sun exposure, dehydrates the skin and extends your tan. Now I am in my forties I am very aware of skin damage. Along with a high factor suncream on holiday I will be interested to see if continuing the drink will help to boost my bodies natural defences…

So overall I have been really impressed and pleased with the results. My skin feels brighter, firmer and more clear. I think along with healthy eating and a good exercise regime Beauty and Go offer fabulous supplements that you can include in your daily routine or a buy as a one off treatment just to give you that boost we all need sometimes…..
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