Young Teen Girls – Gift Ideas….

I have been asked a few times now to do a blog post with some ideas for girls. I have to say that I am really struggling this year with what to buy Alice. Maybe it is slightly easier with older teen girls, I’m not sure…I think it doesn’t help that I am not remotely organised and keep telling myself that I have bags of time! At just 13 Alice has recently become extremely specific about what she likes and doesn’t like. She attends a girls school which is really quite old fashioned (they measure the older girls skirts to check the length!) so she really isn’t into make up, nails, dresses or anything too girly! She loves clothes, bags and shoes (no idea where she gets that from) but again is very specific. She is sporty so one of her presents will normally be something to do with a favourite sport or a new gadget that she has been after. She loves her bedroom and on the whole keeps it very tidy. She loves lounging around in amongst the cushions on her sofabed (which was a fabulous buy for sleepovers) so I will always buy some small additions for her room. For her birthday I bought her more fairy lights and one of her best presents was a Hollywood style mirror for her dressing table/desk. This year is different, I think there is the sum total of three items on her list! I do think that lovely gifts are concert tickets, girly days out and time spent together. I will be ensuring that we have things organised over the Christmas period which will include our girls day out in London. Alice is unlike me and never rushes out to spend her birthday money. She has accumulated quite an amount that I’m sure we will have fun spending in the sales!

Below is a rather random selection. I won’t say if I will be making any purchases myself as a certain 13 year old does actually read my blog!



I was recently sent these gorgeous Morland Glastonbury slippers. I have decided to include in the ‘teen’ blog as actually Alice loves them and keeps stealing them! Definitely a company that are worth a look for gift ideas for all the family.


I met Tinkalink at the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia. They were extremely busy mainly with customers looking for bespoke phone cases as gifts or their friends and family. I was kindly gifted this case that Alice designed and put together for me! She loves it, maybe a little sparkly for me but for a 13 year girl it would make a great gift!


We bought both the children Apple watches a year or so ago. They were a main present for each of them but they use all the feature and absolutely love them. I love the new design and new strap

One of my lovely followers suggested the HP Sprocket this morning when I mentioned this blog post. As well as the instant camera option (listed below) this is a portable compact printer to allow you to instantly print your pictures. You can connect to your social media accounts, add borders, emojis and it is only the size of a standard mobile phone.


A quick selection of my favourites:



































I hope this has given you a little bit of help.  I really need to get myself to organised but spending hours online today has given me a few ideas!…


Happy Christmas shopping and good luck!






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