Hello…. Happy New Year! Let’s hope its a really amazing year for everyone that brings health, happiness, love, fun, success and general well being.

On to my first blog post for 2018. I have lots of ideas for this year which will include a complete change to my website. I am really excited but know I have a lot of work to do. Watch this little space….!

I thought I would start the year with a little write up on my evening with Trinny London. I am certainly not a beauty blogger and would never pretend to be. I just wanted to give an overview of the products, what I have tried and my thoughts…

Last week along with some very stylish ladies I attended a dinner at the Trinny London house in Kensington. I have been a huge fan of Trinny Woodall since her ‘What not to Wear’ days with Susannah Constantine. I love her fun, sometimes mad approach. I was very excited but felt rather nervous. I am still relatively new to blogging so I do sometimes get a feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’. I was early…the first one to arrive but was greeted by friendly smiling faces and a very relaxed environment. The Trinny London house is actually open for invite only make up consultations throughout January and February and it really does feel like a warm inviting home.

We each enjoyed fruit and Gin cocktails,  had our make up done with the girls before enjoying the most scrumptious healthy supper. Some of us tried the Match2Me service on the website where it is easy to find the make up that perfectly suits your colouring of skin, eyes and hair. You simply input each detail and it will give you a selection of colours to match your colour profile.

Trinny did my make up and then decided that I needed to try her dry shampoo…I had actually washed my hair that morning but it was hilarious and it actually smelt amazing! My 20 minutes curling my hair was a bit of a waste of time but all in the name of research and fun!

The concept of Trinny London is simple…easy, stackable take anywhere make up for any woman. After years of travelling and decanting make up and creams into pots Trinny spent three years developing this new idea.

A photograph from Trinny’s bathroom. As you can see she has a real addiction to Muji storage and these very pots! I have never seen anything like it, all organised ready for her little online skincare video’s and makeup tutorials…



The Products

The stack comprises of 4g pots. Each pot can be purchased individually so you can build your own tower of gorgeousness or sets are available once your colours are matched. Sets include: Hangover Cure for a dewy sculpted look, the Starter Pack and the All That Glows set to give you a ‘just returned from my holiday’ glow!

As yet the range does not include a mascara, eyebrow colour selection or eye pencils.

Face Collection:


BFF (best f***ing friend as Trinny calls it) Cream -Skin perfector SPF 30. This is most definitely on my list. I have not stopped hearing how amazing this from the ladies that took this away with them. Worn on its own or beneath a foundation I guess its more a primer/tinted moisturiser that gives you a really lovely skin glow

Just a Touch – Foundation/Concealer – one of the selection that I have been using

The Right Light – Highlighter

Contour – Cheekbones

Bronzer – Golden Glow

Face Finish – Mattifying balm




Flush Blush – Blusher



Lipglowone of the selection that I have been using





Eye2eye – one of the selection that I have been using



What I have tried this week and my thoughts:


We were kindly given a choice of three pots as a gift.

Firstly the Just a Touch Foundation/Concealer – If I had to describe my make up routine I would say that it is quick and fairly basic. I never seem to spend hours layering on the makeup and I really don’t have a huge amount of patience! Along with the BFF cream this is fantastic. Just add a touch where you need it. Not an all over foundation which I very very rarely wear but just a conceal or cover where required.  I have been very impressed so far and you really only need a small amount so the 4g pot will last approximately six months



My second little pot is the Eye2Eye eye enhancer in Wisdom. What I love about this other than the slightly shiny cream colour is the look of a powder shadow in a cream. It doesn’t crease and you can easily apply with your figure if in a rush or for a more defined look or smokey eye use a eye brush. There are 11 colours in the range and again you can colour match to your eye colour with the Match2Me online service



My final little pot that I have been using is the Lip Glow in Lyla. Named after Trinny’s 14 year old daughter I would say that it is a coral/red gloss that will be perfect for the summer. At the moment because I feel pale, slightly grey (face not hair!) and in desperate need of some Vitamin D I would steer towards a slightly more rich colour or maybe a matt lipstick. This is just my personal preference at this time of year.  I will be looking more closely at the LipLuxe range for a more deeper richer lipstick



So overall I would say that I am impressed. I like the ease of the website with the Match2Me service. I love the easy stackable personally matched little pots. I love the easy way each product can be applied without having to be an expert makeup artist just for normal busy women in a rush or someone like me who just wants a quick 10 minute (if that) routine using the best possible products. If I hadn’t been invited to the dinner, would I have tried it? Yes I probably would have for all of the reasons above. I think its a range you can slowly ease into as price wise it is slightly higher end than some. My next addition will most definitely be the BFF cream so I will let you know how I get on…..

For all products and further information:


Thank you for reading





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