Bringing out the Cowgirl within!…

After last week’s snow and with a tiny hint of Spring in the air this week I am going full on Spring/Summer wardrobe planning…!! No not really…. unfortunately I am not that organised!

I am however thinking dresses and ankle boots. A look I love and always embrace every year. I adore my Chloe Susanna boots that my husband bought me for Christmas but I am also a huge fan of  the Western style. Yesterday I found some flared jeans at the back of my ridiculously untidy wardrobe and wore them with my new Sosander boots. I even braved a teeny tiny bit of leg exposure!  I loved this outfit and it actually prompted me to write this little post.





Black leather stud detail boots


This style of boot can be worn with so many different outfits and works really well. I honestly think there is something for everyone. Capri pants, maxi dresses, midi dresses, maxi skirts, flared trousers, jeans, leather trousers/leggings the list goes on! Add a biker or denim jacket with a dress or skirt or a trench coat with flared jeans. Love, love!

I really don’t think you need to go ‘all out’ Cowgirl’  with a fringe suede jacket, lasoo or double denim but maybe  more of a toned turned version is more your style….!!  There are so many different versions and styles of boots around at the moment both Designer’s like Isabel Marant, Celine, Chloe have amazing Western style boots but the High Street has totally embraced this returning trend and there is a huge choice out there currently.

Looks I love via Pinterest:






Colour wise my rule is normally the same with anything that I  buy. I have to say that occasionally I do invest in designer pieces but to be honest mostly anything designer that I have is very classic and has been a present from a loved one. I tend to stick to neutral colours for investment items. What I mean is I personally would not buy the white Ganni boots. I adore them but for me the Mango pair are just as gorgeous at a fraction of the price.



White boots aren’t for everyone and I know that they do shout a little of ‘look at me I am a Fashionista” but I don’t care, I adore them!


Silver Ganni. If you are looking for a real stand out designer pair then I think these are amazing. I’m thinking floral maxi dresses and a fitted denim jacket


Cream love. I think these will very much divide opinion but with the right pastels or neutral outfit they could work so well


Classic black but not too ‘Cowgirl’


I love these! Slightly ‘bling’ but a low heel so imagine with a black ‘Marant’ style dress, love…



These are very similar to mine. Subtle studs but with a Western shape. Extremely like last seasons Celine!



Again quite ‘look at me’ but again with a plain maybe more subtle outfit or not if you really don’t care!



Plain black from River Island. I actually think that these may be perfect for teens….



Sand and subtle……….. I have very similar from Ash and wear them so much. Maybe a great colour of you want to move away from Black


I  think these are very Alexa Chung….. Definitely more Cowgirl. For those (not me) that love their legs I think with little floral dresses they would look amazing



White plain, simple, love…Again an investment but if you can and you love them, why not!


So I will be embracing all things ‘boot’ for some time to come…How about you?

My plan is to have a pristine dressing room with them all lined up ready for each new season. Colour coordinated would be nice but one can dream….The reality is clothes thrown on the floor, broken coat hangers and laundry!!!

Thank you for reading





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