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Back in February I was invited to an event held  at Fenwick hosted by Pixi Beauty’s Global Director of Make up Amanda Bell. I of course  had heard of Pixi but had never actually tried any of their skincare or make up. Pixi was set up 10 years ago by Petra Strand who has over 20 years experience as a make up artist and product developer. The brand is vegan friendly and is not tested on animals.. Pixi have two extensive ranges. Skintreats and the Make up range. I have been trying some key products from both. I am always really very careful with what I use on my skin. I had eczema as a child that will sometimes flare up and now that I am getting a little older I like quality products that will add brightness and radiance to my skin. I am using other skincare products too as you know like the Retinol and Vitamin C , but just really wanted to run through what I have tried because I am really very pleased with the results so far….




Rose Cream Cleanser

I have been using the cleanser daily as the first part of my night time routine. It is a soothing and gentle cream cleanser that removes all make up and nourishes the skin with avocado, rose and chamomile.  The main thing that I love is the feel of your skin. Almost like you really don’t need to moisturise! Just wash with warm water and rinse or remove with a face cloth

Rose Tonic

After cleansing I have used the new Rose Tonic. Again it feels lovely on the skin and just helps removes extra impurities and evens hydration levels. Just wipe with a cotton pad just as you would with another toner.

Glow Tonic

The Glow tonic is another slightly different toner. It also slightly exfoliates so therefore brightens and smooths the skin. Containing Aloe vera and Ginseng I have used this once or twice a week, again because of the slight exfoliation. It has definitely made my skin brighter and I would recommend even for sensitive skin

Jasmine Oil Blend

Now this I love! Designed to have a healing and calming effect I have been adding a drop to my moisturiser or applying two drops directly to my cleansed and toned skin. The oil contains an antioxidant, grape seed oil and vitamin C. It is not at all too oil so is prefect for under makeup

T Zone Peel off Mask

I do love a peel off mask. It gives me a weird satisfaction! I think I always really feel that it is pulling away all the impurities! I have used this mask once or twice a week. I avoid sensitive areas for me (I have an area by my mouth where eczema seems to appear) so I just apply a think layer across the T zone area of the face.The mask contains avocado, cucumber, green tea and bamboo extract. It is designed to help congested and dull skin and my skin has felt really clean and fresh afterwards


Rose Flash Balm

The final product in the Skintreats range that I have been trying is the Rose Flash Balm. This is a radiance boosting product that can be used before your foundation or left on for a few minutes as a mask. It helps with fatigued skin so gives a brightness and moisturises. It also acts as a primer so is obviously a great to use before your make up application. I apply a thin layer as a final part of my routine in the morning.


Make up



Eye palette – Get the look itsEyeTime

A palette of 12 neutral colours  that are so pigmented that you can even apply with your finger. I am certainly not an expert in any way on make up and really would love to have application lessons from an expert one day..I however found the shadow to not crease and the application to be really really easily. Also a great range of colours for me.


Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

This is a new in range of gemstone inspired colour palettes. In a narrow palette with applicator I have been keeping this in my make up bag to reapply if needed when I am rushing around all day. There is a huge range of colours to suit everyone



Liquid Fairy Lights

I love these. I am always drawn to a bit of sparkle! Long lasting eye glimmer that can be worn along or added over another eyeshadow. The Fairy lights are available in five different colours and contain chamomile and rose again to soothe and hydrate.


Glow-y Gossamer Duo 

This is really is a highlighter palette. There are two palettes available to add to your cheekbones, brow bones or anywhere you feel you need a little glow. It is a creamy texture and can be as bright or subtle as you would like. I really love this palette and have been using it constantly over the last few weeks


Mat last Liquid Lip

Finally, the last product in the make up range….Available in five colours this really is a long lasting product. Infused with rosehip oil the texture is lovely. Apply a thin layer and the colour will set to matte and last for ages


So all in all I am really impressed with the quality, price point and feeling of all of the products that I have tried. Of course everyone is different but I think the main key thing is the completely natural ingredients and the fact that with the growing range their is almost something for everyone. I have very sensitive skin so for someone like me I have found another skincare range that used sensibly works for me and doesn’t cause irritation.  I will be continuing to use each product and add to my selection.


I have added links below for most of the items that I have used. All are available from Pixi

and most are available from Asos



Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear if anyone tries any of the products or of course if you already use Pixi.





*The items above were gifted. All my thoughts and comments are my own*




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