Something to get me back to the gym…….

For years I have exercised at least three times a week. It became my routine while I was working in a stressful job to go either to a class or the gym before or after work. Over the years I have purchased and worn many different variations of gym and active wear so when I approached by a brand I had never heard of I was curious. I have to admit that I am that person that has absolutely no problem at all when it comes to wearing my gym wear out in public! I will happily stroll around Sainsburys looking at lettuce or meet a friend for coffee! To me it is now acceptable especially with such amazingly flattering styles out there for us to wear..

So back to the matter in hand…I do waffle as you know! Asquith  got in touch to ask me if I would like to collaborate. As you may be aware I have had some rather annoying and painful back and shoulder issues lately so I would say the timing was not great! I really feel it is so very important to try products for a good period of time before reviewing and writing about them but I am gradually getting back to exercise so I am ready to let you know my thoughts…






Asquith  were established in 2002 by Alice Asquith. Alice combined her love of Yoga and pilates with fabrics and design. From the start Alice believed it was crucial that her activewear was ethically made in the best quality, eco-friendly fabrics that were as soft as they were hardwearing. It was also very important for the designs to be make women feel good. Really very much for multipurpose use, the school run, gym, loungewear or travel. The range covers loungewear, yoga, pilates and gym wear.  There is also a maternity yoga range for during and post pregnancy

So why are they different? When the pieces I had chosen (linked below) arrived I was immediately taken with how everything felt! Just slightly different, more soft with the most amazing quality feel. My research had already told me that all of the collections by  Asquith were made using bamboo and organic cotton. This creates the feel and as well as being better for the environment allows our skin to breathe naturally much more than lycra so is perfect for multifunctional use. The fabric also will not fade or bobble like some lycra mixes.

I decided on four items from across the collections:

Flow with it leggings in ocean

Made from 60% bamboo these leggings are a bestseller. For me these are my go to gym wear choice. Great for pilates, running and classes. I have found them both comfortable and airy!! You know that clingy sweating feeling, well that just didn’t happen….

Conquer Cami in Ocean

Again a great shape with a fitted medium support bra.

Open back Tee in navy

This bamboo tee is the perfect layering top. I wore it over the cami but it looks good with various vest tops and the open back shows a colour pop to add to the look

Heavenly harem pants in ocean

These yoga pants are just gorgeous! The most beautifully flattering shape with deep leg cuffs that stay in place. If you are a yoga fan you will know how great this is!

I have loved wearing all of of my choices and I have to say that for me good quality, comfortable and flattering gym and activewear is motivating. Gone are the days when we just throw on an old grey T shirt and leggings and hide in the car until the last minute before our class! I have been super impressed with both the quality, style and fit and really just the range that Asquith has to offer. I am about to ramp up my exercise routine for that all important summer bikini body so will be rocking my new pieces for sure….watch this space!

Thank you for reading




*This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with Asquith  who I love!*


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