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A couple of months ago I was invited to partner with  Seven Seas to trial the new `Perfect7 Renewal Advanced’ It was claimed that the products scientifically reduced the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days so of course I jumped at the chance!

Anything to hold off the ageing process when you are in your forties is a winner with me. Of course with anything beauty related I am always sceptical. I find trying new products exciting but always remember that there are so many factors when it comes to keeping your skin looking beautiful. Does anything really help? Is it ever too late?

Key factors that I am sure we are all aware of ….Firstly Hydration.. I certainly need to up my water intake. I was far better at drinking water when I was exercising religiously. As most of you know due to neck and back problems this year has been a nightmare! The dreaded UV rays….I will admit that I was terrible with using  a high factor suncream during my 20’s. It was curly perms and suntans and I think at one point I even used oil! Diet …I would say that is pretty good. As a family we are sporty and eat an all round healthy diet with lots of Omega-3 fatty acids oily fish, nuts etc. Pollution, well I think that is hard to avoid but I am aware that after long periods of time in a City my skin looks dull and most definitely not as bright and fresh. Smoking…I never have but I think we are all aware that after years of smoking the skin is affected somewhat. Normally with thin lines around the mouth or a slight discolouration in the skin. Stress for me is also a contributor. During stressful times I notice a real change in my skin. Sometimes an outbreak or just dullness

Taking a an exciting new beauty ingredient orally that has proven results could be something that just becomes automatic and part of our daily routine. When we struggle just to keep up with the many factors that affects our skin and general well-being. One easy option maybe……helping ourselves from within. We will see….




Seven Seas

I am sure that most people are aware of Seven Seas They  have developed formulas which support health and nutrition for over 80 years. Their philosophy is the belief that a cornerstone of healthy living and great nutrition. Backed with their scientific expertise and standard of excellence Seven Seas are committed to offering people reassurance they are guaranteed to be taking the highest quality oils and nutrients and making them into expertly formulated supplements. All very interesting but do they work?….

I had no idea about this product and to date had only ever taken Seven Seas fish oil capsules. During our first briefing we learnt in depth about the skin. As the largest organ in our body and with many functions including protection, regulation and sensation there are many factors to keeping our skin healthy.We learnt about the clinical study and the results found over that 60 day period. There were some interesting findings so I was very interested to see if I would see any changes after my trial…(These will be documented in my second blog post) We had a full and intensive briefing from a skin analyst who has spent over 15 years in cutting edge skin analysis.  Her knowledge is extensive and she uses state of the art skin analysing technology

All participants in the Perfect7 Renewal trial were tested using her skin analysis machines which measured the surface of the skin to see if it looks any better before and after taking the supplement. The measures examined the appearance of smoothness, elasticity, roughness and wrinkles on the skin.



So what is Perfect7?

Perfect7 Renewal Advanced is the first UK beauty supplement to contain Ceramosides, which are a natural source of Ceramides. With ageing our skin loses moisture, firmness and smoothness. Skin Ceramides are lipids that make up 50% of the ‘cement’ that binds together protective cells in the outermost skin layer. An easy analogy would be that Ceramides are the mortar between bricks if bricks were your skin cells.

Ceramides are naturally found in the body but as we age levels drop, skin moisture is lost and the appearance of wrinkles can occur.

Perfect7 Renewal works from the inside out for more hydrated looking skin, from within. Perfect7 Renewal Advanced contains a Ceramosides capsule. And also a multivitamin and mineral tablet which contains Zinc for healthy nails, Biotin for healthy hair and vitamin C for collagen formation and a Seven Seas Omega 3 capsule.

Further information can be found here: Seven Seas



How have I found taking the product?

So three pills to take daily. For me I am all about routine! My routine has been quite different during the trial mainly because it has been the summer holidays. Both the children have been off, we went on holiday to Greece and Jane’s taxi service has been in full swing! As well as trying to keep up the daily madness of house tidying and work! I normally take any regular pills in the morning. I am not a big fan of breakfast (yes I realise that is not at all good) so I will normally grab a coffee and glass of water and take what I need. I found with Perfect7 due to the fact there are three tablets I did need to eat first. During the trial I am not sure that I kept to specific time, it did however very quickly become part of my daily routine. I think over two months I forgot to take them once!


So it has been really fabulous to be involved in this exciting new product launch. In my second blog post I will share the results of my ‘after’ skin analysis and how I honestly feel the product has worked.  I will also write up my findings and some interesting information from our second briefing where I had the pleasure to meet skin and beauty expert Abigail James




New Perfect7 Renewal Advanced, £39.99 is available to buy now and New Perfect7 Renewal £34.99 (Duo pack contains a 30 day supply of Ceramosides capsules and an Omega 3 capsule.) Both are currently on a 3 for 2 offer and exclusively available at Boots nationwide.

Link here:

Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal


Thank you for reading





*This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Seven Seas* 

All views are my own and I will give a honest opinion based on my personal feelings as well and test results

Zinc supports normal healthy nails. Biotin supports normal healthy hair. Vitamin C supports collagen formation for normal skin function

Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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