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If you follow me on Instagram and  have read my previous blog post you will already know that since the end of August I have been involved in a campaign with Seven Seas Perfect 7 Renewal. This has meant me taking three little pills every day with the aim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and generally improve the appearance of my skin. As I said in my previous blog it has been easy to maintain, just adding them to part of my daily routine. New Perfect7 Renewal Advanced is a UK first of its kind beauty supplement to contain Ceramosides, to help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days. Ceramosides are a natural source of ceramides which are a vital component in the skins moisture barrier – helping ensure the skin looking moisturised, hydrated and appearing its best.


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So how did I get on?


Well do I look 10 years younger?  Probably not. Does my skin feel more smooth and fresh? I would say yes. I think with any beauty product we use, or supplement we take it really takes time (and in the case of this supplement, 60 days) for any change to start being visible.  I have a good diet and look after my skin anyway so when Seven Seas oofered me the chance to do before and after skin scans, I jumped at the chance – and it was really interesting for me to see the ‘after’ results




The two results above are for roughness.  As you can see there is a -27.7% improvement which is fantastic!

What can I see?
I can see an improvement in my skin and from the results of the scan I know that it is definitely working. I will say it is important to remember that Perfect 7 Renewal Advanced also contains a multivitamin and mineral tablet with zinc for healthy nails, biotin for healthy hair and Vitamin C for collagen formation. As well as an Omega 3 capsule with EPA and DHA to support normal heart function so the product has multiple effects on your general wellbeing. I think I maybe felt more energised too as the product also contains folic acid which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It is difficult to say exactly, but what I will say is that I am continuing to take them every morning…..
As part as our second briefing and our day discussing and discovering our results we had the pleasure to meet one of London’s leading International beauty experts, facialist  Abigail James. Abigail has a unique approach to skincare and health focus on beauty from within. She talked about how we really are a combination of what we put in and on our bodies. Abigail has her own clinic at the Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair as well as a huge online profile which she uses to promote the best ways to truly care and future proof your skin. Her ethos is to be happy in your own skin. Its about feeling your best and looking the best you can. Treating the skin from the inside and out. Letting your hair down but generally being aware of all the factors that can age us and work on the things that keep us looking young! All the things that are good for the soul!

My final thoughts….
I have really enjoyed working on this project. As you know I am not a beauty expert or even a specialist beauty blogger but I enjoy new challenges and trying new things.  For me this was new. I had only really taking the odd vitamin sporadically and not particularly stuck to any routine. Really just relying on my lifestyle, healthy eating and beauty products. All go by the wayside now and again though don’t they. ….A late night out, a week of not eating a great diet, stress, lack of sleep and the change in seasons. I think anything to help us along the way is good. Coupled with taking care of ourselves through what we put into and onto our bodies, Perfect7 Renewal Advanced can assist us along the path to staying looking young, fresh and healthy
Thank you for reading
New Perfect7 Renewal Advanced, £39.99 is available to buy now and New Perfect7 Renewal £34.99 (Duo pack contains a 30 day supply of Ceramosides capsules and an Omega 3 capsule.) Both are currently on a save £5 offer and exclusively available at Boots nationwide.
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*This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Seven Seas* 

All views are my own and I will give a honest opinion based on my personal feelings as well and test results

Wrinkle reduction: Skin photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30 day supply

For reference to vitamins and minerals: Zinc supports normal healthy nails. Biotin supports normal healthy hair. Vitamin C supports collagen formation for normal skin function

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.





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