Time for coats!


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Well it has been a while….I have no excuse other than I think lost my mojo over the past few weeks. Instagram can be such an amazing place for small and new businesses, for making friends, raising your profile, earning income and doing what you love. It can also play with your mind…. Self doubt can creep in… Are you good enough? Why are some people getting 1000 likes for not great content? How is it that my account isn’t growing? (I know I am a bit of a loner so that doesn’t help) I personally need to take a step back every so often so reassess and realise that all of the above doesn’t really matter. Whatever I seem to do I can’t control the dreaded algorithm so I just do my ‘thing’ and carry on! I love it and feel very grateful for the opportunities that ‘those” little square have given me….

So the first day of half term is here. Alice has two weeks off so we have spent some time today trying to organise her social life while looking at the rather unreliable weather app! It is a rainy day so I thought the perfect time to put a little coat edit together. Now I could be here all day if I covered everything so prompted by todays outfit (on my feed) I thought I would cover.. Aviators, trench and camel coats





All are timeless classics that I dig out every year. Yes I update to maybe something higher end when I can but all in all they are three coats that I think we all should have. There are so many out there ranging from complete bargain prices to much higher end. I have hopefully covered a wide range of my favourites…





Hobbs London Olivia Coat


Firstly Camel coats:

Camel is one of the best neutral as I am sure you know! it works with red, black, grey, burgundy, creams and I am personally loving everything tonal at the moment




Hobbs London Saskia Trench


Trench coats are for all seasons. Great for layering with a denim or leather jacket underneath, fabulous for work. My first trench when I worked it the city was from Hobbs London



Today I am wearing my green aviator jacket from Zara I bought it last year and Alice also has the black version. There are so many beautiful styles around and they really never go out of fashion. Today I am wearing mine with a jumper dress and boots but they obviously look fab with jeans cords, flare or leather leggings





I hope that has been helpful… I really must update my website and make it more ‘fancy’

Next time I will cover Leather, shearling and Faux faux! I have the most gorgeous coat to show you that I bough in Dubai! Yes I am mad!!

Thank you for reading and happy half term!





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