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This week I thought I would talk about a few really simple things that are making me happy during this crazy time. As you probably know we built our house about 6 years ago and had recently decided to look for our next big project. I started saving ideas and pictures into ‘House Files” and was getting really excited to take on the Project Manager role again! I do love a hard hat!!

Like so many things this is currently on hold so we have been looking to change a few things around the house. Jamie and I have fairly similar tastes when it comes to Interiors but he really has no interest at all in a cushion or a candle!!

This week we have a new dining table arriving. A design that we have wanted ever since we finished the house and never got around to finding or buying it. Next on my list is replacing our cream leather kitchen stools for something more ‘Danish’. This prompted todays post. A few little things around the house that make me happy. Small purchases that can add to a room. Interior choices are obviously very personal but these are a few things I love..


I am rubbish at keeping indoor plants.. I have no idea why..My mum always tells me off for killing them so I decided to invest in some faux plants this year. They can be an investment so it is good to shop around. Also be very careful because some are truly awful and look very fake! I love adding greenery to a room, it makes it feel more homely and inviting. There is so much choice around and you really could spend hundreds if you wanted to



Sheepskin rugs as throws on sofas or chairs even in the summer! We have both of the rugs below. The grey in Alice’s room and the cream in the kitchen on the sofa and chairs.  I love adding different textures and layering to a room with throws and rugs. I am obsessed with anything Scandi and will always buy a slightly higher quality when it comes to sheepskin



Well I couldn’t not include a luxury candle! Jamie’s worse nightmare… My special time is Sunday  afternoon with all my candles lit, a glass of wine  and a good movie!



One thing that I feel makes a great gift is a coffee table book. We have quite a few here ranging from Art, Fashion, Photography and Travel. Jamie’s dad is an artist so its a common theme here. The last book I received as a gift was a hardback book on handbags! No idea why…Alice has started her own little collection in her room.  I am not allowed to touch them!




Finally..a few little random things that have caught my eye recently including a couple of sneaky cushions!



Jamie just popped his head around the door so I thought I would ask him what he thinks is also getting me through lockdown…His amazing cooking and rose wine apparently!..Very true!


Thank you for reading

Stay safe




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